Services and products


From PROSPEKTIKER we want to promote the reflection and facilitate the decision making process of organizations and companies. That is why our main activity focueses on the assistance and advising, the prospective and strategic planning and on the innovation and knowledge management.

Assistance to organizations

  • Support for the implementation of economic development and employment policies, along with management tools
  • Assistance in the management and the evaluation of public policies and programs
  • Analysis of professional profiles and training needs
  • Elaboration of strategic and management plans
  • Technical assistance and definition of contents for events, seminars and conferences
  • Technical assistance for European projects and management of grants and subsidies
  • Technical assistance for participative processes

Prospective and strategic planning

  • Prospective and strategic planning
  • Prospective by sectors
  • Technology prospective
  • Structural analysis and future scenarios making
  • Strategic regional and spatial planning

Innovation and knowledge management

  • Long-term R&D and technology vigilance systems
  • Trends observatories and strategic vigilance systems
  • Funds and subsidies monitoring systems and management