CircularStart into Business

The Circular Start into Business project is a 2-year ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership, that brings together 9 partners from four EU countries to address the need of know-how and competences of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the field of Circular Economy, to move towards more sustainable and circular Business Models.

The aim of CircularStart is to support incubators, trainers and consultants in sustainability and circularity training of start-ups, through the development of an interactive guidance tool supported by eLearning resources, so that start-ups increase their competences to understand, evaluate and improve sustainability and Circular Economy issues related to their Business Models.

The idea of CircularStart is grounded on the recognition that there is a lack of know-how and training of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability, Circular Economy and their opportunities. Mission-driven entrepreneurs are bringing fresh, disruptive, sustainable innovations to market; sustainability-oriented incubators are appearing too. But this phenomenon is far from mainstream and not methodologically implemented.