Working Staff

PROSPEKTIKER counts on a professional human team specialized in many different disciplines, with degrees in Industry Psychology, Sociology, Law, Business Administration and Management and Industrial Technology and Computer Engineering.

This experts team has a broad experience in the implementation of consultancy projects, as for strategic and prospective planning areas, as well as for other kind of firm and organization adivising projects. We can highlight the following specialty areas:

  • Training and Employment

  • Society: Social Services, Aging, Immigration and Equality

  • Energy, Environment and Land Planning

  • Economics and Financial area

  • Commercial and Marketing area

  • Innovatión and Technology Watching

The knowledge and experience acquired during all these years, along with the innovative, cooperator, committed and eager character of PROSPEKTIKER staff, make us the perfect partner for anyone that wants to face and get ahed of all the challenges that the current changing and uncertain world brings with itself.

For these reasons, and much more, we want to collaborate and play along with you. ¿Do you?